Panache Models works with local, national, and international businesses. Our clients are involved in a variety of industries: catalogue, film and TV, magazine, fashion, commercial, and promotional.

Our clients love working with us because we provide a variety of models and unique looks that appeal to various industries. Instead of having to host time-consuming open calls for models, or searching high and low for the perfect photographer and stylist for their job, clients simply come directly to us and we do the coordinating.

Cost is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you are a client and would like to book our models and talent, please email us at and briefly tell us about your project.

If you have an urgent inquiry, call us at 902.626.1042 or 902.628.7403.

We look forward to working with you!

Why hire a trained and experienced model from Panache Models?

We know how easy it seems to hire a neighbour or family member for local advertisement campaigns, especially here on Prince Edward Island. It’s become so popular a technique, in fact, that many of us spend more time trying to recognize the people in the ads than reading the ads themselves!

Campaigns that use our models are successful because they are able to ‘get the shot’ and complete the needed tasks efficiently and more effectively. At promotional and media events, our models exude confidence and tactfully promote the client’s product. (And yes, sure, they are Islanders and are probably ‘someone’s cousin’, too, but they are professionally trained to bring awareness to the product and not themselves.)

During our casting process, we recognize and emphasize each model’s strengths and talents. Our models are carefully selected and many are developed through our Career Development Training Program so they are prepared for a variety of jobs within the modelling industry.

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