Can you be a model even if you aren’t 6’ tall?

Quick. What image comes to mind when you think “model”? Does it look something like this:

You’re probably not envisioning someone who is, say 5’ 3”, wears glasses, and has her hair in a ponytail, but would you be surprised if I told you that someone with that look could be a professional model?

Yes, it’s true that the global fashion industry is geared toward a specific look (their justification is that it makes designing the clothes easier if they have models of the same size to fit), but there are many types of modelling careers available. People just seem to think of the high fashion world first (probably because it’s sparkly, and we all love sparkles don’t we?).

Commercial modelling is an area where there are lots of opportunities for people of all sizes, ages, and looks. Businesses want to promote products that appeal to a wide range of people, and so they tend to use less high fashion type models in their advertising and use people who can appeal to their audience.

There’s also specialty modelling for those of you lucky to have, say fantastic hair, smooth delicate hands, or beautiful toes or teeth.

Modelling does not always mean walking a runway in Toronto, Milan, or Paris.

Take some time to watch a few commercials the next time you are sitting in front of ye olde television set (or Google some, if your computer is your main source of entertainment). Write down what you see. I’m willing to bet you a gazillion dollars (and I’ll throw in a kitten just because I’m that confident, and who wouldn’t want a kitten?) you won’t see just one look. You’ll see men, women, teens, and children of all races, sizes, and looks. Some will be tall; others, not-so-much. You’ll see glasses and different kinds of hair, and basically anything goes!

These aren’t just folk rounded up off the street—they are professional models (most of them anyway), usually represented by an agency.

This is where we come in.

We pride ourselves on representing models of all looks. So, if you really want to work in this industry, but have been moping around the house because you don’t have legs that go on forever . . . stop it right now and send us an application. Our professional modelling classes will teach you everything you need to know to break into this line of work. Make the decision today and see how far your look can take you.

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