Panache Models Training Program – FALL 2010 – Week 8

WEEK 8 – Go-See Practise and Skin Care & Cosmetic Techniques

Our class was joined by fabulous Island designer Jenny Dunphy for our Go-See Practise class. She interviewed each of the models, had them do a runway walk and pose with the fabulous pieces from her new handbag and accessory line, Jenny Lane, which is due to launch in Spring/Summer 2011.

These sample Go-See experiences were followed by an information session with makeup artist and Panache Models owner Savannah Belsher-MacLean.

Here are some of the shots of the models with Jenny Lane. (Special thanks to the guys for being masculine enough to pose with the purses!)

Alicia R.

Ashley A.

Bailey G.

Brianna D.

Bridget D.

Caitlin F.

Cassandra M.

Celia K.

Chelsea C.

Courtney F.

Erica M.

Genny K.

Heather M.

Jesse F.

Jill J.

Julie L.

Justice G.

Katie S.

Leslie H.

Megan M.

Michele H.

Miranda G.

Mitchell F.

Modou C.

Molly M.

Robyn C.

Sangeetha Y.

Stephanie F.

Tamara G.

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