Panache Models Training Program – FALL 2010 – Week 3 – Wardrobe & Styling

WEEK 3 – Wardrobe & Styling

All models were asked to prepare four outfits for this class: their ‘Go-See’ outfit, ‘Fitting’ outfit, ‘Agency Event’ ensemble, and their ‘go-to/comfort’ outfit.

With our models’ confidence building each week, the results were accurate and lovely! Check it out!

Joline B.

Heather M.

Genny K.

Erica M.

Chelsea C.

Cassandra M.

Caitlin F.

Bridget D.

Breanna D.

Bonnie F.

Ashley A.

Arefin A.

Alicia R.

Julie L.

Justice G.

Katie S.

Leslie H.

Megan M.

Michele H.

Miranda G.

Mitchell F.

Modou C.

Molly M.

Nicole L.

Robyn C.

Sangeetha Y.

Stephanie F.

Tamara G.

Tyler C.

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