Panache Models Training Program – FALL 2010 – Week 2 – MONDAY & THURSDAY CLASSES

WEEK 2 – Visual Poise & High Fashion Runway

Each of the models brought three outfits to strut their stuff in this class: ‘casual runway’, ‘fun & wild’, and ‘high fashion’. Alternating from look to look brought a different presentation from each of the models, allowing them to exercise their versatility.

After bringing the fierceness to the runway, they took to the camera for posing practise! Each model chose a pose from a magazine and did their best to recreate the photo in our classroom. Here are the fabulous results:

Tyler C.

Tamara G.

Robyn C.

Sangeetha Y.

Nicole L.

Molly M.

Modou C.

Miranda G.

Michele H.

Megan M.

Leslie H.

Katie S.

Justice G.

Julie L.

Joline B.

Jill J.

Jesse F.

Heather M.

Genny K.

Erica M.

Courtney F.

Chelsea C.

Leah M.

Celia K.

Cassandra M.

Caitlin F.

Bridget D.

Breanna D.

Bonnie F.

Arefin A.

*All photos by Kimberly Rashed Photography.

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